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Tradition and innovation are fused in the WACHSMANN® TBS Traditional and is our very special, authentic, historical brewhouse system. Its meticulously handcrafted design makes each TBS brewhouse an exclusive and unique piece of art. 



External parts are equipped with original historical features from old archives and German breweries,

and are made from copper (shiny or hand-hammered), brass, cast-iron, stone and wood. Special editions on request. The internal vessels and piping are in stainless-steel and are just as modern equipped with the latest in technology and innovation as our other brewing systems. 


This creates a beautiful, fully functioning, brewing heritage system for passionate brew masters and clients alike who seek not only functionality but also originality.

TBS 20 hl - Palma/Spain

  • 2-5 vessel WACHSMANN® brewing system, designed of and equipped with 1 whirlpool-kettle and 1 Lautertun

  • Internal vessels, domes & piping stainless-steel

  • External dome of wort-kettle copper, hand-hammered

  • Lautertun available either with hand-hammered copper-dome or flat copper lid, external cladding either straight wooden planks or big wooden barrel

  • Frequency controlled Lautertun raking machine for excellent low-trub filtration

  • Wort grant made of copper & brass with manual lautering valves type “Schwanenhals”

  • 2 separate pumps for trub-wort and mash/cast-out wort

  • Valves either manually or pneumatically remote controlled

  • Switch cabinet with integrated touch panel 10,4”TFT as a standard, with automated infusion mashing program

  • Double heat-exchangers for vapour and hot wort with water- and energy-recovery

  • Fan for effective vapour abduction and condensation

  • Hydrometrical control station, made of copper & brass

Main technical features:

TBS Models:

  • TBS-10 (10 hl/brew)

  • TBS-15 (15 hl/brew)

  • TBS-20 (20 hl/brew)

  • TBS-30 (30 hl/brew)

Safety & warranty:

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All plants are manufactured according CE / DIN / VDE / TÜV standards; optionally executed in US-Nema, 

RUS-GOST and other standards.

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