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The WACHSMANN® CBS is the state-of-the-art brewing system. It's especially recommended for operations demanding the highest beer quality and maximum reliability of the brewing equipment, as well as the possibility of full automation of the entire brewing process for additional daily brews. Dimensions and ceiling necessary to install our CBS-series are minimised due to its compact construction.

The CBS is a very sophisticated brewhouse system and can be considered the top selling product of all times.

It is available in shiny copper and state-of-the-art stainless-steel finish (matt or shiny), but we also offer special customised editions.

CBS 10hl - Edition Stainless Steel

CBS 15hl - Edition Classic Copper

  • 3-vessel WACHSMANN® brewhouse system, designed and equipped with 1 kettle, 1 lautertun, 1 whirlpool

  • All internal vessels, domes & piping stainless-steel

  • External domes either copper or stainless-steel finish

  • Working platform and frame stainless-steel

  • Lautertun & lautering process system for haze-free, low trub wort

  • Frequency controlled lautertun raking machine and kettle agitator

  • 2 separate pumps for wort and mash/cast-out wort & CIP

  • Valves either manually or pneumatically remote controlled, according request and quotation

  • Switch cabinet with integrated touch panel 15” TFT as a standard, with automated infusion mashing

  • Switch cabinet with integrated 22” TFT as an option for fully automated brewing processes

  • Double heat-exchangers for vapour and hot wort with water and energy recovery

  • Fan for effective vapor abduction from kettle

  • Heat-exchanger for condensation of vapor for huge water and energy recovery

  • Preassembled, tested and set into function in Germany prior shipment for a fast installation on site

Main technical features:

CBS Models:

  • CBS-5 (5 hl/brew)

  • CBS-10 (10 hl/brew)

  • CBS-15 (15 hl/brew)

  • CBS-20 (20 hl/brew)

  • CBS-30 (30 hl/brew)

  • CBS-40 (40 hl/brew)

Safety & warranty:

All plants are manufactured according CE / DIN / VDE / TÜV standards; optionally executed in US-Nema, 

RUS-GOST and other standards.

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