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Since 1979, WACHSMANN company manufactures and installs professional engineered, turn-key brewing systems worldwide,

handmade in Germany.




Planning, Production and Support. All from one source. Beer brewing at the highest quality level requires the application of perfect technical production facilities, the use of the best natural raw materials as well as approved recipes in the hands of an experienced brewmaster. 

We are able to refer to a well-founded practical experience in operating microbreweries all around the globe. 


Why choosing us

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You already have an existing building or you are designing a new one? We will make a layout proposal for your brewery and develop a coherent, modern concept while advising you on the most important matters and decisions to turn your project into success. This includes the necessary machinery and laboratory equipment, crucial components of production,  information about market segment, competition, regulations, barrels, keg filler, malt, hops, and other important supplies to draw & finalise your business plan. Ultimately we are also committed to help working out a marketing plan including label design, logo and branding.


Everything from one source

Vintage beer illustration Wachsmann

Our brewery plants, entirely handmade in Germany, are based on the latest technology and production methods in combination with traditional Bavarian coppersmith skills. Shiny copper, stainless steel matt or hand hammered, each brewhouse is unique and custom-made accordingly to our clients' ideas and projects. All essential components of the brewery will be delivered and assembled by our personnel on site at fixed prices. This effort guarantees our customers a trouble-free, reliable production for decades to come. Beer brewing training and production will be effected right after installation with our own brew masters.


Training, recipes & more

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Our service won't stop with the mere delivery and setup of the brewery plant like most other producers do. You'll have technical and technological support, biological checks, original spare part and raw material supply, and the best: it's all included. 

We provide professional training to the future local brewers and develop together special beer recipes. Our clients will receive the best organic raw materials including fresh brewers yeast to guarantee a constant beer quality and taste. And maybe who knows, you'll be another happy client who wins  a beer award!



We plan, engineer, deliver and put into operation customised microbreweries

with batch capacities from 2.5 hl to 40 hl cast-out of wort, 

providing annual capacities up to 50.000 hl.

WACHSMANN® Brewing Systems, handmade in Germany, are available in four series:


  • CBS Compact: 3-vessel system in copper or stainless steel finish (matt or shiny)

  • TBS Tradition: 2-vessel system in historical finish 

  • MBS Micro: 2-vessel system in copper or stainless steel finish (matt or shiny)

  • VBS Vario: 3 to 5 vessel system in stainless steel finish (matt or shiny)

WACHSMANN® Yeast Propagating Systems, handmade in Germany, guarantee an autonomous and biologically safe yeast supply at any time, even in remote areas.

Download our complete brochure here:


  • Germany

  • Russia

  • Italy

  • Spain

  • USA

  • Thailand

  • Japan

  • Finland

  • Kazakhstan

  • Poland

  • Hungary

  • Ukraine

  • Turkey

  • Tunisia

  • Costa Rica

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