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About us.

WACHSMANN is a premium German brand, we are specialized in the production of high-end brewing systems, entirely handmade in Germany. Since 1979 we deliver and install worldwide and teach you how to make the best beer.

Our name in the industry is well known, we offer custom-made brewing systems at the highest in quality at competitive and honest prices combined with profound knowledge in the beer making process.


We offer complete solutions, all from one source. Our company is a small size business and we love to keep it that way. This is how we can guarantee an exclusive and bespoke service of all project sizes and keep an eye on every detail.


Our name is the synonym for quality, performance, aesthetics, and longevity. 

Quality first.

Our products are renowned for their meticulous craftsmanship, their outstanding reliability, and one of the few with topnotch quality on the market, handmade in Germany.

WACHSMANN®’s reputation in the industry is unparalleled and our commitment to each project is one of its kind. 


WACHSMANN® machines are designed according to the needs and expectations of high level professionals in the beer industry as well as to those newcomers who seek to succeed in the craftbeer market. On contrary to mere plant manufacturers, our expertise in the beer making process since decades and in operating microbreweries is well-founded and highly appreciated by our clients. 



Our breweries are manufactured with solid and high-quality materials and built to last decades. Thanks to our commitment to select only top quality suppliers available on the market, we can offer machines that will work for decades and guarantee the best investment to our clients.

Our dedication.

Unlike other mere producers, we do not only sell our good-looking and perfectly working machines, but we also look at each project of our customers from a cost-effective, sustainable and visionary point of view. We help turning business ideas into success.


We are there from the very first moment before even signing contracts. We help to plan, consult, and ultimately produce, deliver and install the brewery plant including all necessary technical equipment. You won't need to worry about logistics and installations, we'll take care of it.


Our clients benefit from a wide range of services that start right after installing the brewery. Together we define recipes, we teach the handling of the machines and the high art of beer making process. We supply top quality organic raw materials and provide lifelong assistance thanks to our vast network and contacts in the field.


I came across a stand set up by the company Wachsmann. I got to talking with the company’s owner, Jost Wachsmann, and told him about my dream of building a beer factory.
He put me on the right path.

Oleg Tinkoff

Russian entrepreneur and cycling sponsor.

Founder and controlling shareholder Tinkoff Bank

Among the wealthiest people in the world (Forbes 2014)

Testimonial Oleg

Company history.

Some 30 years ago, the first craft beer breweries opened in Germany and immediately became a life style culture for those who love to enjoy fresh beer directly at their local brewer. It was a counter movement to the mainstream of large, industrial breweries in the 70's and 80's which reigned the market up to then.

Jost Wachsmann, a native German brewmaster and graduate from the famous brewing engineering program at Weihenstephan University in Munich, was one of the foremost pioneers of this movement by designing and producing one of the very first microbreweries after WW II in Germany.

His invention of setting up the essential components of a regular brewery on a small, modular construction and combining it with traditional Bavarian coppersmith skills have been adopted nowadays by most competitors.


Wachsmann's idea not only brought back to people the taste of fresh brewed beer, but it has become an enormous trend in the craft beer world today, because it's accessible to everybody, even those with small investment capacities.

The advantages and reliability of genuine German craftsmanship products have been established facts since ever, thus the very first independent brewers in California chose WACHSMANN® breweries as well. Since the early 1990’s these plants are still working properly, the owners are justly proud of their “Micros made in Germany”.



In 1998, after the fall of the Soviet-Union, the first craft beer breweries opened in Saint-Petersburg , showing the first time ever a stainless-steel WACHSMANN® brewhouse installed in a restaurant in Russia. Since then 9 more projects have been installed in the most beautiful cities in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine by well-known investors such as Oleg Tinkoff.


The big gate to the east

In the early 2000s craft beer became also trend in Italy and the first microbrewery WACHSMANN® was installed in Naples in 2001, followed by L'Aquila, Saronno, Latina, Como and the latest, a 40hl VBS Brewing System in Val Rendena (Italian Alps). Many more breweries have ever since been exclusively produced and delivered to countries such as Japan, Poland, Spain, Thailand, China, Tunisia, Turkey, Costa Rica, Finland, Germany and more exciting projects are being in construction as we speak.



Our Vision 40 years ago


The dynamic development in the past 4 decades has led to thousands of new craft breweries worldwide, creating tens of thousands of new jobs and it continues to rise. This confirms our vision of more than 35 years ago:

• Beer quality first instead mass production

• Beer variety instead of exchangeable uniform taste

• Enjoying beer in a local brewery is engaging and puts the customers in first place

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