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The WACHSMANN® VBS is our latest type of brewhouse-series. It's specially designed for semi-industrial craft breweries demanding 30hl or more, the highest beer quality, a flexible possibility for future growth and an automation of the entire brewing process. 





VBS 40 hl - Edition Stainless Steel 

VBS 40 hl - Edition Stainless Steel 

  • 3 to 5 vessel WACHSMANN® brewhouse system for fast & flexible brewing, designed of and equipped with mash-kettle, Lautertun, pre-run vessel, wort kettle, whirlpool, according layout

  • All internal vessels, domes & piping made of stainless-steel

  • External domes made of stainless-steel, insulation 100 mm

  • Frequency controlled pumps for wort and wort/CIP

  • Automatic lautering process system WACHSMANN® equipped with inductive flow meter and regulating valve  for low trub, haze free crystal clear wort

  • Frequency controlled lautertun raking machine

  • Remote controlled pneumatical product- and water valves, equipped with electronic actuators

  • Automatic hop dosing station for up to 5 different hops

  • Double heat-exchangers for vapour condensation and hot wort cooling, both with water- and energy recovery

  • Fan for effective vapour abduction to the heat-exchanger

  • Process automation with visualization system WACHSMANN® with Siemens i-Touch mod. TP2200 Comfort 22“

  • Preassembled, tested and set into function in Germany prior shipment for a fast installation on site

Main technical features:

VBS Models:

VBS-30 (30 hl/brew):

VBS-30/3 with 3 vessels : annual maximum capacity = 22.500 hl

VBS-30/5 with 5 vessels : annual maximum capacity = 37.500 hl


VBS-40 (40 hl/brew):

VBS-40/3 with 3 vessels : annual maximum capacity = 30.000 hl

VBS-40/5 with 5 vessels : annual maximum capacity = 50.000 hl

Safety & warranty:

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All plants are manufactured according to CE / DIN / VDE / TÜV standards; optionally executed in US-Nema, 

RUS-GOST and other standards.

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