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The WACHSMANN® MBS is a smart alternative within our brewing systems and ideal for smaller budgets and smaller annual production capacity.


Due to its 2-vessel construction without a separate whirlpool, this series requires less ceiling for setup and more manual work in the beer making process. The plants are designed according to the dimensions of our client's space which can be higher ceilings but small floor space or vice-versa. Our MBS's come in classic shiny copper or stainless-steel finish (matt/shiny). Furthermore, the copper editions can be designed with a hand-hammered dome (see in the picture below).




CBS 15hl - Edition Classic Copper

CBS 10hl - Edition Stainless Steel

  • 2-vessel WACHSMANN® brewing system, designed of and equipped with 1 Whirlpool-kettle and 1 Lautertun

  • Heating of systems MBS-5 -> MBS-15: heatable kettle with steam from external steamer plant

  • Heating MBS-2.5: heatable kettle with steam from integrated steamer (15 kW); integrated hot water tank

  • Agitator blades manually retractable prior whirlpooling

  • Internal vessels, internal domes & piping stainless-steel

  • Electronically regulated pump for product cycles & CIP

  • Valves either manually or pneumatically remote-controlled, according to request and quotation

  • Heat-exchangers for hot wort and vapor condensation, plates execution stainless-steel

  • Fan to support vapor abduction & condensation

  • Control cabinet with integrated touch panel 10,4”TFT as a standard, with automated infusion mashing

  • Control cabinet with integrated 15”-TFT to 22”- TFT as an option for fully automated brewing processes

Main technical features:

MBS Models:

  • MBS-2.5 (2.5 hl/brew)

  • MBS-5 (5 hl/brew)

  • MBS-10 (10 hl/brew)

  • MBS-15 (15 hl/brew)

Safety & warranty:

All plants are manufactured according CE / DIN / VDE / TÜV standards; optionally executed in US-Nema, 

RUS-GOST and other standards.

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