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3-Vessel Copper Brewhouse 10 hL 



CBS 10hl - Copper Edition

This plant has been manufactured and installed in 2003 and essentially includes the following:

• 1 steam-heated CBS Compact Brewing System three-vessel brewhouse in beautiful handmade copper finish

with remote controlled pneumatic valves and complete control cabinet, capacity each brew 1.000 liters

• 2 open stainless steel open fermenters, capacity each 2.400 liters

• 11 room-cooled stainless steel tanks, capacity each 1.000 liters

• 1 two-roller mill

• 1 ice storage plant to supply ice-water to a heat-exchanger and both fermenters

• 1 gas-fired steamer plant

• 1 hot water storage tank capacity 2.000 liters

• Various small parts such as room cooling systems, air compressor, pumps etc.

All machinery run on 50 Hz and 230 / 380 Volt


Lagers and ales (e.g. PILSNER, LAGER, EXPORT, MARZEN, BOCK, WEIZEN, IPA, etc):

> Totally 4 – 6 brews ea. 10 hl weekly could be brewed and get into fermentation

using 2 open fermenters ea. 2.400 liters.

> The daily sales capacity could be 500 – 700 liters, depending on recipe.

> All these beers can be tapped unfiltered directly from tanks or KEGs.

> In the future, a bottling and labeling plant may be added to reach a wider audience with the new beer label

> Location size required: minimum 100sqm (better 200-250sqm), 4m height

Technical information

We can ship, setup and put into operation worldwide and can teach you how to brew the best beer.

Price details upon request.

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