WACHSMANN® Yeast Propagators

To make the propagation plant even more efficient for micro-breweries, a special piping system has been designed. The jet-system may be used for wort and yeast aeration, as well as for adding CO² to low carbonated beer. The quantities for pitching and the remaining rest can be adjusted to the actual weekly brewing sequences. Provided with sterile cold wort, the propagation tank will be not need to be emptied and cleaned more than 4 times annually.

There is no change of the physiological conditions of the yeast, as a homogenous suspension will be used for the fermentation at any time. The massive yeast cell content inhibits the propagation of beer contaminating organisms.

Besides the above mentioned advantages of this system, it may be also used for the re-vitalization of biologically checked crop yeast with the same efficiency as the propagation. This is done by blending sterile wort with crop-yeast and circuit-aeration before pitching.

WACHSMANN® Yeast Propagators are also used to produce alcohol-free beer in small quantities. By using the special aeration system, beer-flavor and aromatic substances from regular beer in fermentation are injected into the non-fermenting alcohol-free wort, thus giving the specific beer taste requested.

Our yeast propagators are designed as compact plant constructions; only a minimum requirement of space is required for setup and operation in hygienically approved brewery locations.

Every plant is equipped with 2 tanks, 1 special pump, weighing cells, switch board with touch-screen display, piping, sterile sample cocks, valves, temperature probes PT100 in hygienic design, rotating CIP-spray heads, bunging apparatus, solenoid valves for glycol-ice water, aeration device with sterile air filter, installed on stainless-steel frame.


For reduced and discontinuous request of fresh yeast our 1-tank system YEAST-KING I is available now.

WACHSMANN® Yeast Propagators models:
YK_1x5_1 tank 5 hl _ brewlength 5 to 10 hl
YK_2x5_ 2 tanks ea. 5 hl _brewlength 10 to 15 hl
YK_2x10_2 tanks ea.10 hl _brewlength 20 to 30 hl

WACHSMANN® Yeast Propagators offer the following features:

  • Biological purity of the pitching yeast
  • Adaption of the propagating temperature to the starting temperature of the fermentation
  • High cell rates of pure yeast
  • Best physiological conditions of the pitching yeast
  • Fermenting power and fermentation speed reach an optimum
  • Regular fermentation period despite low pitching quantities
  • No change in the taste of the beer above all, low contents of diacetyl, pentandion and acetaldehyde
  • Improvement of the fermentation always using the same quality of pitching yeastPreservation of the yeast vitality (e.g. during a break in brewing)
  • Automation, staff requirement is reduced to minimum, thus very low operating costs

The following parameters are freely programmable on the touch-screen display:

  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Aeration time and air quantity
  • Circulation time and circulation quantity