Brewing system WACHSMANN® TBS-Traditional

The WACHSMANN® TBS is a real historical/traditional type of WACHSMANN® brewhouse systems.

Internal vessels and piping are made of stainless-steel, external parts executed in copper, brass, cast-iron, wood and equipped with original historical items. This creates a beautiful, fully functioning, historical "brewing heritage system”, full of charm, character and nostalgia.  

Individuality and great show-effect are the highlighted features of our TBS-series.

The WACHSMANN® TBS series require a little more space and ceiling clearance for set-up than our CBS or MBS series.

WACHSMANN®  TBS-Traditional models
TBS-10 (10 hl/brew), TBS-15 (15 hl/brew),
TBS-20 (20 hl/brew), TBS-30 (30 hl/brew)

Main technical specifications WACHSMANN® TBS-Traditional system:

  • 2-vessel brewhouse system (kettle/whirlpool combination vessel, lautertun)
  • Vessels & internal domes made of stainless-steel
  • External dome of kettle copper, hand-hammered
  • Lautertun available either with hand-hammered copper-dome or equipped with flat copper lid; external claddingeither straight wooden planks, hard bricks or big wooden barrel
  • Frequency controlled lautertun raking machine for excellent low-trub filtration
  • Wort grant made of copper & brass with manual lautering valves type "Schwanenhals”
  • Handmade hydrometrical control station, made ofcopper & brass
  • 2 pumps for trub-wort and mash/cast-out wort
  • Remote controlled product- & water valves with exception of built-in historical valves
  • Mash automation as a standard feature
  • 2 heat-exchangers for vapour and hot wort with water and energy recovery
  • Fan for effective vapour condensation