Brewing system WACHSMANN® MBS-Micro

The WACHSMANN® MBS is our smallest brewing system and recommended specifically for small brewing operations which demand craft-beer quality at a restricted budget.

WACHSMANN®  MBS Micro Models
MBS-2.5 (2.5 hl/brew), MBS-5 (5 hl/brew),
MBS-10 (10 hl/brew), MBS-15 (15 hl/brew)

Main technical specifications WACHSMANN® MBS-Micro system:

  • 2-vessel brewhouse system (kettle/whirlpool combination vessel, lautertun),
  • available in copper or stainless-steel finish.
  • all internal vessels, domes & piping stainless-steel
  • frame stainless-steel
  • kettle/whirlpool combination vessel; agitator removable for perfect whirlpool-effect
  • electronically regulated pump for product cycles & CIP
  • Manually activated product- and water valves
  • Heat-exchanger for wort with water & energy recovery
  • Fan for partial vapour condensation
  • Handmade hydrometrical control station, made of copper & brass