The WACHSMANN® CBS is our most sophisticated brewhouse system. It is available in shiny copper or state-of-the-art stainless-steel finish.

This system is especially recommended for brewery operations demanding the highest beer quality and maximum reliability of the brewing equipment, as well as the possibility of full automation of the entire brewing process for additional daily brews. Dimensions and ceiling necessary to install our CBS-series are minimized due to its compact construction.

WACHSMANN® CBS-Compact models:
CBS-5 (5 hl/brew), CBS-10 (10 hl/brew),
CBS-15 (15 hl/brew), CBS-20 (20 hl/brew),
CBS-30 (30 hl/brew), CBS-40 (40 hl/brew).

Main technical specifications WACHSMANN® CBS-Compact system:

  • 3-vessel brewhouse system for fast & flexible brewing (kettle, lautertun, whirlpool)
  • Vessels & internal domes made of stainless-steel
  • External domes & cladding either in shiny copper or stainless-steel execution
  • Working platform & frame stainless-steel
  • Lautertun & lautering process system WACHSMANN® guarantee a haze-free wort
  • Frequency controlled lautertun raking machine for excellent low-trub filtration
  • 2 pumps for wort and mash/cast-out wort
  • Remote controlled product- and magnetic valves
  • Mash automation as a standard feature
  • 2 heat-exchangers for vapour and hot wort withwater- and energy recovery
  • Fan for effective vapour condensation
  • Preassembled, tested and set into function in Germany prior shipment to minimize installation time on site.