Company history

Some 30 years ago, the first brewpubs opened in Germany and immediately became a life style culture for those who love to enjoy fresh beer directly at their local brewer. Jost Wachsmann, a native German brewmaster, became one of the pioneers of this movement by bringing forth the realization of one of the very first small breweries after WW II in Germany.

The advantages and reliability of genuine German craftsmanship products have been established facts since ever, thus the very first independent brewers in California chose WACHSMANN® brewhouses as well. Since the early 1990’s these plants are still working properly, the owners are justly proud of their “Micros made in Germany”.

After the fall of the Soviet-Union, the first brewpub in Saint-Petersburg opened in 1998, showing the first time ever a stainless-steel WACHSMANN® brewhouse installed in a restaurant in Russia. Since then 9 more projects have been installed in the most beautiful cities in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

WACHSMANN® breweries have been also delivered to China, Italy, Japan, Poland, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey etc.– and the story goes on!