Brewery plants

WACHSMANN® brewing systems, setup on a frame inclusive piping, agitators, pumps, heat-exchangers for a fast installation on site, are meticulously manufactured in Germany

An entire WACHSMANN® brewery, which  includes grinding, brewing systems, tanks, refrigeration, power systems, kegging and bottling plants, are all executed by the latest in construction and production methods to fulfil any need. We implement the strictest quality control measures for all components supplied. We guarantee trouble-free operation for decades, which is worthy of the German reputation for impeccable craftsmanship and quality.

WACHSMANN® brewing systems are available in 3 versions: CBS Compact, TBS Traditional, MBS Micro. The CBS & MBS series are thus cladded either with shiny copper or state-of-the-art stainless-steel. Need a special effect? No matter what your needs may be, our coppersmith masters will be happy to design and create your special custom brewhouse edition. We even have our own stock of rare brewing antiques at our disposal to fulfil any brewer’s dream!